AgribusinessVintage Italia is receiving USD 3 million in funds from Advantage Capital Agribusiness Partners, LP (ACAP). ACAP is working together with Emil Capital Partners and Silas Capital, in order to finance companies in agribusiness and food industries.

A Worthy Snack Food Investment

Vintage Italia, established by Jerry Bello, is the very first company in the snack food group to receive fund assistance from ACAP. Pasta Chips, one of Vintage Italia’s brand names, utilize higher protein grains like farro to increase nutrients and create a baked substitute to the regular potato chip.

The funding will assist the company speed up its growth and encourage the delivery of new products to huge retailers, such as Safeway, Walmart, and Costco.

Bello, the CEO and founder of Vintage Italia, is a proud pioneer in the industry that developed the only snack food created from fresh pasta dough. He says they made Pasta Chips as a healthier substitute to the flavorless, overly processed selections in the deli aisle.

The founder of the company adds that they are wholly committed to providing customers with improved snack food items with premium, gourmet taste that have a greater dedication to nutrition.

Bello, who also established other food companies like Mamma Says, Brownie Brittle and Sensible Portions, says he was inspired by a traditional Italian meal, which is baked pasta dough drizzled with olive oil. As soon as he returned from his trip to Italy, Bello had an idea using actual fresh pasta pieces and transformed it into a salty snack line called Pasta Chips.

A Reliable Investor

ACAP is a USD 154.5 million investment company registered as a Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC) under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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The company has a partnership between nine Farm Credit organizations and Advantage Capital. Farm Credit assists agriculture and rural communities that have dependable, steady financial and credit services. This nationwide network has achieved their goal of assisting the areas develop and thrive for over a century.

The establishment of the partnership aimed to unite resources and individuals who want to offer small business investment, quality jobs, and more private capital to rural America.

Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Agriculture Secretary, says they developed the Rural Business Investment Company to encourage investment and innovation in rural America. He explains that this matchup between businesses in rural communities and private investors will help companies get the funds they need to produce and generate jobs.