A graphic showing the importance of social media marketingStarting a business? Operating in the digital era makes it necessary for you to implement online marketing strategies into your campaign. One of those solutions includes social media marketing.

Building a social media profile for your business is necessary, but what makes it more valuable is the content posted. Digital marketing agencies, such as SWELL, agree that content and social media marketing go hand in hand, which is why you should prioritize putting your brand out there through relevant, relatable posts for potential customers to see.

Apart from this, what else can you do for your brand to thrive through social media?

Shareable Content

People are always looking for new things that may interest them, which is why people are on social media – to keep themselves updated with the latest news and trends.

The goal of content creation and link curation is to get more people to read what’s on your page. Rather than just posting random articles that are irrelevant to the products and services you offer, promote your brand through sharing content that has something to do with your business.

Visual Content Trumps Text-Based Content

These have grown in popularity especially that the human brain tends to process visual content faster than text. A survey conducted by Forbes even revealed that rather than reading an article, 59% of senior executives prefer watching videos.

Immersive content, such as 360-degree viewing, is a feature currently made possible by YouTube and Facebook and it involves a still or a video, which allow the user to explore the view by clicking and dragging across the screen. With this, you can give a tour of your office, virtually walking audiences through your facility to engage many people, as it is both informative and entertaining.

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Monitor Audience Activity

When you create a social media profile, you don’t post content right away because otherwise, you’d sound detached and irrelevant. Why? Because you still don’t know what people want. When you monitor user engagement, you gather data by listening to what your target audience wants.

Identify the concerns and pressing questions that consumers have and answer these through content. This will give your posts more substance and will entice visitors.

No matter how big or small your brand is, there’s no time to waste. Whether it’s your content or your target reach, one thing is constant, and that is change. Trends come and go, same as how people’s minds change in an instant. This is why it’s never enough for you to create a social media profile and expect that your brand would stay afloat always – you have to do your research to stay relevant.