Pet ownerAs a veterinarian, you have had your fair share of encounters with new pet owners. The prospect of a new housemate excites them, but it also concerns them. Will they be able to take care of it well? Will they have enough time to give it sufficient attention?

Fortunately, veterinary promotional products, such as reminder cards exist to help you remind new pet owners of their pet’s appointments. The cards serve as a reminder that their schedule needs to accommodate the new addition to their household.

Apart from reminder cards, here are some care recommendations you can give new pet owners to make the most of the adventure with their animal friend ahead of them.

Look After their Diet

Feeding a pet is not going to be as straightforward as buying a pet their food and serving it at a designated time. Be sure to discuss the different types of pet food — dog food alone has several variants — with your client and how each one affects the pet’s diet and health so that they can make informed feeding decisions.

Set Aside Time for Grooming

Grooming is always important, whether your client’s pet is a fluffy fur ball or a short-haired breed. It keeps their coat clean and reduces the amount of shedding, after all. Moreover, proper grooming could prevent fleas, ticks, and lice from infesting their fur. As such, help your client create a grooming schedule for their new pet.

Make Regular Veterinary Appointments

Finally, gently remind your client that taking their pets to a clinic for regular checkups is important for their animal friend’s well-being. Vaccination and annual shots help prevent disease, while examinations determine whether there is a health issue to address.

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Feeding a pet, taking them to a grooming salon, and setting schedules with you might overwhelm a new pet owner. So, be sure to be friendly and open. Remember also to help them maximize their time with their new animal friend by educating them about these three tips.

With that said, you can show them your encouragement and concern to boost their enthusiasm.