Criminal background check paperworkEmployees play a crucial role in the success of a company. On hiring employees, companies carefully select the applicants who possess the right qualifications and attitude. More often than not, companies do background checks to help them choose the right candidate for the job.

A recent KPMG’s Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Survey shows that 75 percent of major frauds were committed by insiders in companies in Australia and New Zealand. This information signifies the importance of checking criminal record in New South Wales and in the whole of Australia. Fast Police Checks presents four compelling reasons why companies should run a background check before hiring an employee,

Verify credentials

A simple background check can reveal whether the information provided by the applicant is true or otherwise. You can verify their certifications and degrees, that could help you discern their qualifications. It may even reveal a candidate’s personality, habits and work ethics when you screen his or her employment history, credit history or even driving records.

Ensures company safety

When you make a background check, you are also protecting the safety of your company and other employees. Checking past criminal records could give you an idea of whether the applicant may cause harm or trouble to the company.

Honesty and Integrity

Background checks could reveal a candidate’s integrity and honesty. When an applicant attempts to fabricate necessary information, it could easily disqualify them from the application process. Also, this step could assure you of securing your company’s reputation by hiring great and qualified individuals.

Prevent company losses

When a full background check is run, you can be assured of the applicant’s history. It could eliminate the possibility of encountering theft and fraud problems in the future.

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Selecting the right one

A background check could help you select the right candidate for the job. It will help you protect your company and give you peace of mind.