Woman protecting herselfA pepper spray is a great personal defense item that you can carry anywhere. When confronted by a mugger, you can use it to blind them temporarily during a crucial moment. You can then run away and call for help.

Did you know that buying a pepper spray has many options other than merely choosing which size fits your bag, though?

Different Formulas with Different Effects

There are three different types of chemicals used in pepper sprays. The CN and CS types target the mucous membrane and were first developed for military purposes. They contain irritants that cause tears, pain, and coughing. The OC variant, on the other hand, has a hot pepper extract that inflames the mucous membranes. It makes opening the eyes and breathing difficult.

Sprays Come in Three Patterns

Pepper spray comes in three general patterns. The stream pattern is a lot like a squirt gun and has the longest range. This method requires accuracy and carries the risk that the attacker might not inhale the chemical as easily. The mist pattern, meanwhile, spritzes finely dispersed particles in the air, increasing the chance of getting the attacker to inhale it. Finally, the foam pattern comes out like a shaving cream. This pattern has the slowest effect.

Best Tactic to Use with Pepper Spray

Once you choose your preferred pepper spray, it’s time you learn how to use it properly. Instead of your index finger, use your thumb to press down on the button. Not only will your aim be more accurate, but you’ll have a stronger grip on your canister as well, in case your attacker tries to wrestle it away.

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Once you’ve sprayed your canister, don’t waste a second. Use the distraction to escape right away and call for help.

When operating a pepper spray, use the right techniques to get the best outcome. The pain it inflicts on your attacker is a crucial opportunity for you to escape to safety.