Clean and green landscapeApartment roof decks provide you with a lot of space to relax and even entertain friends and family. The only trouble is that sometimes, these bare roof decks can be really gloomy and uninviting in an urban setting.

There are many reasons why people want to live the apartment life in the city.  Some choose to live in an apartment because it gives them a roof deck that provides them an area for relaxation with an expansive view of the city.

Then again, such roof decks can be quite dull and unfriendly. However, there are ways to  transform it into a beautiful and inviting garden.


For starters, try to get a couple of rolls of artificial grass to cover a portion or even the entire area of your apartment roof deck. This improvement alone could immediately transform the area into a place of natural beauty, where you would like to hang out after a hard day’s work.

Why artificial grass? For one, you need not water it frequently for it to retain its vibrant green color. They look so realistic that even some parks have started to install artificial grass in specific areas.

Planks and pebbles

Who says you cannot have your own version of a beautiful Japanese garden complete with wooden planks and pebbles right there on your roof deck? Talk to an expert on landscape design in New York, and they will definitely tell you such an idea is possible. The professionals at MPFP say they can transform a portion of your roof deck into a Japanese-inspired courtyard using a couple of planks, lumber, and decorative pebbles. You can even add a mini-river running beneath your wooden plank bridge to complete the effect.

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Decorative plants and flowers

To make it more inviting and beautiful, try adding a lot of real flowers and decorative plants in visually appealing pots. Place them in certain areas of your roof deck garden, ensuring that they complement the entire scene. You can then add lounge chairs and tables where you can stretch while sipping your favorite drink.

Renting or leasing an apartment with a roof deck would be useless if you do not transform the open area into an object of beauty and charm. You can easily achieve this with a couple of landscaping ideas that are both appealing to the eye and friendly to the environment. With a couple of inputs from you and some fresh perspectives from urban design professionals, you will be able to enjoy your roof deck to the fullest in no time.