Community Manager Word CloudSocial media, or the Internet in general, has taken marketing to new heights. Suddenly, brands become interactive. One-way communication is practically now a thing of the past. Brands have learned how to be more sensitive; they’ve learned how to talk and listen to their consumers. With all these innovations, a new concept has been introduced—community management.

If you think that community management is just responding to customers online with templated messages, think again. It’s a crucial element in giving your brand a personality. Whether you’re a store owner or a dentist using SEO and social media methods like Dominate Dental, here are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to community management.

Know your voice

Social media users can easily identify if someone is authentic or not. They can easily spot if your brand is being genuine and sincere. As such, your voice online should not be detached. You’re supposed to know your voice. To know your brand’s voice, listen to how your target market speaks. If you understand it, that’s the way you’re supposed to talk. A sincere and relatable voice gives you an approachable persona.

Always follow up

Your spiel should not be one-dimensional. Otherwise, you’ll sound robotic and impersonal. What you need to do is always give a follow-up, especially when your customers are inquiring about something, your products for instance. Follow-ups lead to a more meaningful conversation, which in turn will make your customers believe that your responses are not one-dimensional.

Measure, measure, measure

Community management isn’t just about conversations. It’s also about measuring how your communication materials are faring and how your responses are holding up. Measurements using analytics will help you dig new insights, which in turn can assist you with your marketing campaigns.

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These are just three of the most important things you need to keep in mind when doing community management. If you want results, it’s advisable that you work with a reliable company specialising in SEO and social media methods.