A Woman Performing Self-DefensePersonal crimes, which includes rape, sexual assault, robbery, and assault can happen anytime, anywhere. For every 1,000 Americans aged 12 and up, one would be raped, two would be assaulted, and one would be robbed.

Crimes can happen to anyone whatever their station in life. If you want to protect yourself from violent crimes, you can learn basic self-defense techniques or buy a stun gun from Slidell, Louisiana. Whatever you choose, you should be fully equipped to protect yourself. Mighty Defenses presents three ways to help you avoid danger.

1. Trust Your Instincts

Your brain would always sense when something is off. When you sense that something does not feel right, trust yourself and take the appropriate action. Leave the area, have your phone ready, or have your self-defense tool ready.

2. Know Your Surroundings

Even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood, you should still do things to ensure your safety. Avoid flaunting your valuables because it gives the offenders a reason to rob you. Avoid walking on dark streets, isolated alleys or parking lots, no matter how “safe” you think the area is. Most attackers would lurk in places where they could catch you off-guard.

3. Observe

Keep close attention to people you know, and those you don’t know. For women, make sure to protect your safety at all costs. Out of 10 sexual assaults in the US, 7 of them happened with people they know and trust. Once you feel that you are in a dangerous situation, try to escape if you can, or inform someone else about your condition.

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Always be on your toes and guard yourself against danger. Offenders usually pick someone who they think is weak, mild, and distracted. Always present yourself as confident and assertive, and make eye contact with people around you. This way, you are sending a signal that you are aware of your situation and you have the ability to protect yourself.