Dog at the Veterinarian ClinicOne of the key components used to measure the success of any medical practice – including your veterinary practice – is its patient retention rate. And while you may think you’ve already done everything imaginable, this won’t automatically lead to a stronger hold on your patients.

Determining what areas you should improve upon

Whatever reasons your clients have, you should concentrate on eliminating those caused by things you can control. You should focus on improving the poor-performing areas of your practice, as this will help you improve its ability to retain patients.

Consumers nowadays prefer to do transactions with practices that they can trust and show appreciation. A good way to make them feel valued is to start the tradition of giving away custom veterinary promotional products from Positive Impressions, LLC as gifts.

Unhappy clients: A primary cause of low patient retention

Although almost all practices experience patient loss from time to time, you should limit yours as much as possible. And you should start with ensuring you don’t give pet owners a reason to switch doctors.

Know that of the many different causes of lost customers, one of the most common is due to the veterinarian’s lack of attention or time. Many patients who have gone to another doctor claimed that the reason they made the switch is that the former practitioner only saw them and their beloved pets for no more than 10 minutes. This gave them the feeling of not receiving due care and proper attention.

Because of their dissatisfaction and unhappiness, as much as 38% of patients never came back to the same practice.

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Giving your patients what they deserve

Loyalty has become harder to earn from consumers nowadays. However, in most cases, one can put the blame on the service provider itself. As an animal health care provider, you should spend as much time as necessary with every patient. Show them that you care, and they will reward this concern and attentiveness with improved loyalty.