Used car on saleGetting rid of your old car is not as easy as you might think, especially if it’s an old model with a low resale value. Luckily, selling it off isn't the only practical to dispose of your old car. Instead of leaving it to rot, you can have the car scrapped instead. In fact, Britain scraps two million cars every year.

Scrapping an ageing car is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of old automobiles. Waste management companies, such as LKM, readily offer this service. Not every company who offers to scrap your car is reliable, though.

Say 'No' to Cash Payments

While it is easy to get in touch with a scrap car company that you found online and have them collect your car after a few days, or even hours, not every business does as advertised. Unscrupulous businesses can, in fact, choose to sell your junk car abroad instead of scrapping it. A simple way to identify these types of scrap companies is by asking about their mode of payment. If they only deal in cash, then consider it a red flag.

In order to curb metal theft, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act forbids anyone to pay cash for a scrapped car. Legitimate companies will only issue a cheque or directly place the payment for your scrap vehicle into your bank account.

Demand to See the Company Registration

The government requires every car scrap yard to have a licence from the Environment Agency or Scottish Environment Protection Agency. This is to ensure that only professionals handle the scrapping of vehicles and that their method of recycling is environmentally sound. Battery acid and gearbox oil, for instance, can be toxic to the surrounding areas, so it should be handled and disposed of carefully.

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Look for Official Scrap Dealers

The best way to search for a reliable scrap dealer is to look up your car brand’s recommendations. You can check out their website or contact them to get more information. They will not scrap the car themselves but they could hire a local recycling company to do it instead.

Getting rid of your car can entail more responsibility than you might think. Work only with car scrapping companies that have a licence to make sure your car undergoes the proper disposal procedures.