Oil SpillWhen there’s a sudden oil spill, what sort of response should you do? What equipment should you use? It’s common knowledge that absorbents differ from one product to the next. Of course, some will be more useful in emergency response situations.

On-site Applications

Anybody can use these to prevent oil from spreading elsewhere. Some immediate spill response tools are burnable immediately on site in a specially designed barrel burner, making disposal a lot easier. These on-the-go products can also be used for spills on a smaller scale. Sometimes, you can use them for small clean-up operations. On larger spill incidents, these products can clean residual oil that other larger oil absorbent products aren’t able to clean up completely.

Oil Absorbent Folded Sweeps

Folded sweeps are quite useful for water oil spills since they float on water surfaces. They can be both for oily spills and surface sheens. They can also be used for waterborne cleanup since they repel water and attracts heavy oils, which stick to them quite well.

Oil Absorbent Pads

Absorbent pads are one of the more versatile oil absorbent products in the market today. These pads are made from natural fibres and usually a single layer or two, which are finely made. Compared to oil-based liquids and polypropylene absorbents, these absorbent pads can absorb 25% more oil. That’s how efficient they are. On top of that, they are also easier to dispose of. The fibres are also treated with protection from microbes, moulds, and flame. Some of the pads (depends on the product model and design) may even contain additives for water repulsion.

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Absorbent Pillows

Throw these pillows into hard-to-reach areas. They’re great for reaching under machines and all those leaky hydraulics.

Absorbent Booms

Booms are great when used for spills on water. They are made of a poly sock skin that houses a poly blend, which is highly absorbent. Expect these things to get saturated in oil fast. The good news is that these don’t sink even if they’re full of oil.

These are some of the products that you can use for emergency oil spills. Knowing the type of product to use for a particular spill can help address the problem quickly.