Business partners having a morning meetingIn an increasingly competitive business environment, working with a reliable business partner can significantly boost your chances of success. An untrustworthy business partner, on the other hand, can make your startup fail before it even starts.

Check their National Police History Check (NPHC) records before considering them as a business partner or employee. However, you could also observe these warning signs if you think your partner is unreliable.

1. They have a strong sense of entitlement

It is all right to believe you will be great if you are ready to put in all the effort and hours that go into it. A bad business partner believes they deserve to be successful even if they don’t work for it. They’ll be happy to let you do all the hard work but demand an equal share of the profits.

2. They are not empathetic.

A bad business partner does not feel bad for other people who are suffering. They are happy to ignore when their employees, business partners, or customers go through pain. Even when the suffering is a result of their mistake, they don’t care.

3. They never learn from their mistakes.

A person who displays no guilt or remorse after doing something wrong can be toxic in a relationship. A bad business partner will mess things up and blame other people or circumstances for it. They are never apologetic and don’t want to change.

4. They focus on self-gratification.

A bad partner does not think long-term. They’ll lie to your investors, customers, partners and you to get quick results. While at first, they might get away with their lies, they would soon be found out. Nobody needs such a partner in any business.

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Make sure you choose the right person to work with you. Check their police records and employment history to know if they fit in your organisation.