Men Carrying a CoffinChoosing a funeral home or mortuary for your departed loved one can be overwhelming, as there are various factors to think about. These include the cost and the type of services needed.

Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries shares some guidelines that you can follow when searching for a mortuary in Farmington:


Funeral homes are mandated by law to make a “general price list” available. This makes comparing prices of products and services between mortuaries easier. Consider packaged offers, as these usually provide more savings compared to paying for individual services. Be sure to compare similar services.

Services Included

Know what each of their services covers, as these may vary among mortuaries. The more detailed the services, the easier it will be to assess and compare.

Insurance Plan

If possible, have funeral costs included in your life insurance cover. This way, you can avoid buying a funeral plan directly from the mortuary, and avoid potential headaches in the future.

Protective Casket Upsell

Forego protective casket upsell offers. While it keeps the elements from damaging the body, the protection actually causes the body to dehydrate. While it does not really cost much, the benefit is not worth the cost.

Buying a Casket

The law allows you to buy a casket from a seller of your choice. In addition, the funeral home cannot charge you with a handling fee for using a casket bought from other sources. But it would be wise to compare the cost of buying from the mortuary and from another supplier and go for the one that offers more savings. In many cases, it would be more cost effective to go for packaged services offered by a mortuary.

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Losing a loved one is a painful experience. By choosing the right mortuary, sending your departed family member to his final resting place can be as stress-free as possible.