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Bond trading is ripe for more activity. The market only suffers from a lackof visible opportunities. The weight and density of its own information cloud means it can be tough to navigate. In order to see clear paths for trading, dealers have to work very hard. Even then, they can walk right by one, metaphorically speaking, and never know it. Luck plays a bigger part than it needs to. That’s where Algomi steps in with their innovative investment tools, including the aptly named Honeycomb and their newer offering Synchronicity.


Algomi offers traders the chance to access the data they need faster. The market moves at a rapid rate. Spotting the opportunities as they occur is vital to success. In the past, trades have relied largely on relationships and retention of information by dealers. While this is a valuable part of trading, it could derive huge benefits from technological assistance. This is where Honeycomb comes in. Finding the perfect match for a trade inquiry is difficult. Honeycomb utilises algorithms to crunch data from over 240 buy-side organisations and 17 international banks. This makes it much more likely that traders will be able to find what they need.


It’s good to share information and see what different companies and other traders have been doing. Honeycomb is not designed to replace the human factor, only enhance it. This is why Honeycomb also functions like a social network for traders. It shows traders who it would be advantageous to work with based on their recent activity. However, it does not actually make the call and do the deal. That still requires the skill of the person on the ground.

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Algomi are providing excellent opportunities for the future of the market by tackling the problems of illiquidity head on. They have already teamed up with European giant Euronext to support the pan-European market. The two companies have created a 10 year strategic plan to open up a hub for information and trading on the continent. Even further afield, Algomi opened its first US office in September 2016. The future looks bright for this innovative firm and their investment technology.