HR interviewer shaking hands with an applicantWhether you are graduating in a few months’ time or is hoping to land your first part-time job, applying for work is something that you need to prepare for. There is always a first time for everything, but this does not mean that you can exhaust all your room for error.

Below are some tips for first-time job applicants. Those first-time job application horror stories you heard from your friends? Do not make it your story to tell by following these pieces of advice.

Be prepared

Completely fill-up application forms with the correct and necessary information. Bring all the necessary documents like your school records, identification and certificates. Treat your application day as if you are going to start your first day at work.

Once you are in (or is potentially accepted), your company would require you to have your SA police check records you get online.

Spread the word

Tell people that you are looking for a job. Spreading the word can help you land connections and other job prospects that you might not find in print and online ads.

Widen your options

Everyone has a dream job. But not everyone is lucky enough to land it on his or her first try. Be open to other options and treat every opportunity as a learning experience. That way, it would be easier for you to find a job and enjoy it.

Do not give up easily

Success stories are not made overnight. If you get a rejection on your first job, do not give up. Who knows, the 50th job you applied for might be the job that you have always been looking for.

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Stepping into a completely new world is never easy. But confidence, eagerness, and courage can definitely get you a long way.