Melbourne buildingsReal estate developers in Australia compete to build some of the highest skyscrapers, as companies capitalise on some of the cities’ unrestrictive rules on height. Aspect Commercial Interiors and other known contractors say that this includes those for office fitouts in Melbourne.

Companies from the Gold Coast also seek to cement the country’s status as a skyscraper nation, as more than 300 towers now reach higher than 100 metres, according to Philip Oldfield, a University of New South Wales professor. The Q1 residential building in the city remains the highest building in the country at 323 metres.

Urban Competition

Melbourne or Gold Coast will account for seven of the highest structures in Australia by 2022. The Orion Towers in the Gold Coast, for instance, will have a height of 328 metres when it reaches completion in the next 10 years.

The One Queensbridge project in Melbourne follows closely behind with an expected height of 324 metres. Unfettered rules on building height serve as one reason for such huge vertical lengths of commercial properties, including a Singapore-based developer’s plan for a residential building at 555 Collins Street that will have 47 floors.

Sydney Architecture

Buildings in Sydney may have lower heights, but the city has been known to have structures with iconic architectural designs such as the Opera House. While it doesn’t need to compete with Melbourne and the Gold Coast, height restrictions in Sydney have prevented developers from building towering skyscrapers

Oldfield believes that Melbourne and Gold Coast seek to achieve global fame associated with building tall structures — similar to New York when the Empire State building was known to be the highest skyscraper in the world for four decades.

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Property developers in Melbourne seem to compete for status as the city with the most number of tallest buildings in Australia. Office towers, for instance, are one way for them to showcase skyscrapers with lofty heights.