Interior design rustic living roomBuying commercial furniture here in NZ from reputable vendors such as Bishop Interiors is like having a newborn baby. For a couple of years after birth, it remains as the most beautiful being in the place of the planet, in your eyes at least. Then it starts to talk. And walk. And jump. And climb.

And before you know it, it already has all these godforsaken stains and broken pieces and you have no choice but to have it fixed. Here is how you can prevent your baby from needing a major fix.


If your baby is made of wood, it is important that you keep it out of the sun, lest it shrinks or its finish fades quicker than usual. Also, do not get fooled by misleading ads saying that you have to feed it with oils or polishes. Once coated, it is sealed and it cannot absorb whatever the ads suggest you should feed it.

What you can do instead – especially for scratches – is giving it quick touch ups using shoe polish (colour appropriate, of course). Use mild dish soap and warm water to clean your baby, just make sure you do not get it soaked.


If your baby is made of metal, you had better be sure it is the solid kind. The ones with hollow tubing usually have shorter life spans and are more demanding maintenance-wise. Wiping it with damp cloth regularly is one way to keep its sheen.

A mixture of warm water and mild soap should be enough to clean it in case of dirt build-up. Be wary of commercial cleaners that could harm your baby; check your baby’s label first before using them.

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If your baby is made of glass, you do not have to panic. While some people say it is challenging to care for, there are easy care tips you can follow. First, always wipe it dry every time it gets wet, lest it gets permanent wet stains.

Your cleaning arsenal should include a supply of distilled water, microfiber cloth or chamois, and glass cleaner.

Key is to tailor fit your care strategies to your baby’s physical makeup. After all, you do not want your metal baby looking like wood, or acting like glass.