A Loan ApplicationYou may find yourself needing a quick buck one of these days to pay off a debt, a purchase, a bill, or some other expense. Having an emergency fund can save you—if not, there are many things you can do to earn just enough to pay for your expenses, at least partially, if not fully.

Sell or Scrap

You can sell expensive jewelry, electronics, or other things you have no use for. You can sell them in a garage sale, via online, or at a pawnshop. You can also earn additional cash by recycling metal scrap. You can even turn in an old appliance in exchange for money.

Drive and Taxi

You can earn a good enough income when you drive for Uber or Lyft. Many people use these services nowadays. You can cash in as long as you have a four-door vehicle and a clean driving record.

Loans for Heavy Debts

Of course, even with the quick cash options above, you may still come up short. Medical emergencies or long-term unemployment can bring you down with thousands of dollars in debt even with an emergency fund. In such cases, you can apply for loans.

In the most desperate of situations, apply for an auto title loan online. This loan type usually requires the title of your vehicle as collateral. These loans can even accept ATVs, motorcycles, and other special transports.

Personal or Signature

Personal loans can be a great way to acquire large amounts of cash, no matter what your credit score is. You will only have to think about the interest rate if you do have a low credit score. When you have a good credit history, however, you can apply for a signature loan that requires no collateral.

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With the options above, you can pay off as much of your debts as you can.