Bird's-eye view of a workplaceWorried about your turnover rates? Are people talking negatively about your work environment? There’s fear that they will take to social media to air their grievances or that they will hand over their resignation letter anytime soon. What if you can stop them?

Here are three things that improve the office atmosphere:


When did you last hire a corporate cleaner? Your carpets may need changing. The walls may need repainting. The dust on keyboards and air ducts may already be setting off someone’s asthma. No one in San Diego wants to work in an environment where the higher-ups don’t pay attention to their employees’ health. It’s time to pick up the phone and schedule for a deep cleaning and remodeling.


Your employees want work to be fun. They come from different walks of life and they may be looking for someone who will give them a different view of things. A diverse work culture teaches employees new perspectives. They can help each other tackle difficult tasks because someone might have more knowledge of it than another person. When you’re setting up teams, give each group a mix of individuals whom they can learn something from.


Many companies claim to have the best work environment, but deep down there are issues that need to be fixed. You can aim to have a perfect workplace culture, but what is your company doing about existing problems? Don’t just settle for band-aid solutions. Get to the core of the problem and talk to the people involved. Conduct investigations thoroughly and professionally, and stop the gossip culture that makes employees feel uncomfortable. Team building activities and even simple lunch meetings can foster a more trusting community–make these more fun.

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Improving the office atmosphere is not just up to one person. When you’re planning to make improvements, consider the interests of your employees. They are the ones who will be affected the most.