Rolled bamboo shadesMost home-owners in Auckland take their windows for granted, and they tend to forget that they can transform their home by adding window treatments. They do not need to go through expensive home renovations just to give it a new-look.

Some firms specialise in window cleaning here in Auckland such as AA Cleaning Ltd, and you might want to enlist their services. Besides giving your bare windows the cleaning it deserves, check out these stylish and elegant ideas that you will most likely want to steal.

Bamboo Shades

This environmental friendly window treatment will not only look chic in your living room, but its natural appearance will surely improve your décor. It is also an economical choice because its material is more durable and stronger than the majority of hard-woods.

And not only that, they are less vulnerable to humidity and water. This is the reason you see other residents use bamboo in their kitchens and bathrooms besides mini blinds that can also provide some privacy.

Sleek and Modern

For individuals who prefer a contemporary design, modern drapes or blinds highlight sophisticated, smooth lines that have a clean finish. These are quite easy to maintain and are visually appealing.

The description of contemporary is “of the moment” that offers luxury and ease through present trends.

Elegant modern window treatments consist of bright, unexpected and bold use of materials and colours. These embody minimalistic, clean and effortless design. The solid colours that contrast or complement other hues in the room will lure your eye to your window.

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Bold Contrast

A bold contrast design offers the possibility of looking both tasteful and striking. There is a fine line between being bold and creating something that looks disruptive or tacky. Choose from a range of designs, colours, stripes, lines and solids that fit your room.

The success of this project lies in your creative side. You have to come up with an innovative design scheme that balances all of the pieces in the room.

These are just some of the window treatments that you can try in your own home. This way, you can revamp your place without having to spend a lot of cash.