Table full of bundled brochuresBoth brochures and flyers provide excellent support to your sales and marketing efforts. Choosing one over the other largely depends on what kind of information you want to share and who your target audience is. Both have stood the test of time in marketing – and for a good reason.

Knowing when to print brochures over flyers will reward your marketing efforts.

When to Use Flyers

A flyer is a page of printed paper, commonly used for disposable marketing. Use them in these situations:

  • When you want to convey an important message at a glance
  • To capture the attention of readers who may not respond to a brochure image or title
  • When dealing with customers who are already interested but need more information before being convinced to buy
  • When all you want is for your clients to have a reference material

When to Use Brochures

A brochure, unlike a flyer, has more pages and more text. Simple brochures are sheets folded into two or three sections. The design requirements for brochures are usually more intensive than those of flyers. A successful brochure presents what your business offers in a clear way. Use them in these situations:

  • When you want to provide detailed information about your product or service
  • When what you want to communicate is sensitive or private, such as topics dealing with domestic violence or diseases such as HIV
  • To gain more trust from your customers. More leaflets provide more space to display your expertise, allowing you to gain your customers’ trust
  • When introducing a new product to the market
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Both brochures and flyers are versatile, easy to distribute and cost effective, especially when produced in bulk. Giving out a good flyer or brochure is almost like placing your product or service into the palms of your potential customers.

As shown above, different projects require different materials, so it’s your needs and budget that will dictate which one will be in your favour.