Mini storage room outside the houseRenovation or remodelling projects are exciting for homeowners, and for a good reason. There’s nothing quite like a home improvement to truly shape homes into their owner’s style and purpose (other than being a perfect house, of course).

As exciting as it is, renovations also present more than a couple of headaches when it comes to displacing and moving belongings around. Eureka Storage understands that needing to shift the furniture and other stuff around while renovations are underway can unnecessarily lengthen completion time.

For those who plan on updating/upgrading their homes, but are uncertain of what to do with their stuff in the meantime, self-storage might just be the magic solution.

Here are three big reasons why.

1. Keeps Materials and Equipment Stored Away Securely

It’s easy to get carried away with buying equipment and materials when preparing a renovation project. Hardware store hauls like new lighting fixtures or shower heads all look like great additions to the house, even if some of them aren’t needed urgently. This leaves boxes upon boxes of stuff with no real use yet, eating up home space. Putting these items in a self-storage unit ensures all your new acquisitions are secure and out of the way until they’re ready for installation.

2. Frees Up Space for Work

From simple tasks like updating the coats of paint to more extensive full-on structural overhauls, having the space to work on them is critical for success. Instead of shuffling stuff around different parts of the house (which sounds exhausting), just rent a self-storage unit and put all of it there. This lets remodelers do their work and homeowners move about the house as they would without the inconvenience of cramped spaces.

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3. Makes Sure Belongings Don’t Get Damaged

There’s no foolproof way to keep furniture and other belongings safe from a variety of renovation-related hazards – paint spills, drywall dust, and adhesives are just accidents waiting to happen in such an environment. Using a self-storage site keeps your displaced things spotless and your renovation work relatively worry-free.

No one wants to hit bumps during a process as intricate and time-consuming as renovations. A clear and clutter-free workspace ensures any activity goes unhindered, and nothing should be more satisfying for a homeowner than a safe and fruitful home improvement project.