Construction Diggers

Construction diggers are heavy-duty machinery used in a variety of earth-moving and construction applications. While these large robot-like vehicles are quite commonplace on any construction site, not a lot of people know what they are, and how they are used. Also known as excavators, construction diggers are mainly used to excavate soil and load various building materials. Here are three of the most common types of construction diggers that are for sale in New Zealand.

Backhoe Diggers

This type of construction digger has a hoe at the back of the vehicle and a loader bucket in front. Aside from excavating soil, a backhoe digger can simultaneously be used for lifting or loading heavy construction materials, making it a versatile piece of earth-moving equipment.

Crawler and Wheeled Diggers

Crawlers and wheeled construction diggers have a similar function, and that is to move earth or load heavy construction materials. With a chain wheel system that travels on two continuous tracks, crawlers are ideal in steep areas to avoid slippage, or where the travelled soil is weaker as less pressure is laid on the ground. Wheeled diggers, on the other hand, are mostly used on the paved ground, and can move faster.


Bulldozers are noted for their hard sharp-edged steel plates in front of the vehicle. These are used for heavy-duty soil excavation, road building, as well as mining. They come either wheeled or tracked, making them ideal for any ground.


These three common types of construction diggers are getting more and more advanced in today’s market. Some of these day’s diggers for sale in New Zealand even have provisions for a wide variety of attachments including hydraulic breakers for demolition jobs, and pallet forks for safe loading and unloading of pallets. Whatever construction digger you decide on, it pays to know how these are applied.

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