Group studyWhile elite educational institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge have traditionally dictated the pace and standard by which education has been measured, start-up institutions including Coursera, iTunesU and Udacity have blazed a new and disruptive trail by leveraging technology.

Today, the Ivy League schools are trying to follow suit to keep up. A 2015 valuation of the global education technology sector stands at £45bn with a projection of £129bn by 2020.

Meanwhile, the UK is staking its claim in this field with more than a thousand education technology startups nationwide and over a fifth of that number headquartered in London alone.

Thus, with this growing ecosystem creating opportunities even for education recruitment agencies here in London, people are witnessing an explosion this sector. Here are three reasons for this swift and steady growth.

Talent and Collaboration

As a global centre in many sectors including finance and education, London serves as a melting pot for professionals in diverse fields including software development. It is therefore at the intersection between tradition and the future. Innovation thus acts as a driver to make that leap into the future.

You can rely on the infrastructure already provided in terms of venture capital, funding, co-working space among others to grow in this area.

Business Environment

In London, tax rates for companies compete favourably with those of other cities in Europe. A determined effort to drive the business services industry is evident in the government’s visa programme, which favours skilled workers, investors and business people.

R&D tax credits and twenty percent incorporation tax are just two of the government’s policy initiatives that make London attractive.

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Deep Market

Education technology alone accounts for about four percent of the growth recorded by digital companies in the UK. This places it at par with Finance technology, which is a traditional area of strength for London. Meanwhile, the expenditure by UK schools in this sector is a whopping £900million.

These are exciting times for players in the education sector in the UK. As this growth continues, in its education recruitment agencies, London will find further opportunities to spawn more technological development.