Model and photographer in a photo shootLighting is an important factor in photo shoots. It affects the atmosphere, mood, and tone of the images taken other than its brightness and darkness. It can turn an otherwise ordinary photo into something intimate and memorable.

Salt Lake City-based photographers agree on the following reasons that lighting is important during photo shoots:

Set the Mood

Lighting doesn’t just brighten up a dimly lit room or add a hint of darkness to one that is too bright, it establishes the mood you want to create among your subjects. For wedding or engagement photos, the right amount of light will display the intimacy of holding hands, the kiss, or just the simple yet special moments between a couple and the people around them.

The amount of light enables you to highlight facial expressions or activities that depict certain emotions, such as sadness, excitement, happiness, and tension. Shadows and light surrounding objects, faces, and people establish the atmosphere of a room or the photos you want to take.

Highlight Certain Aspects of a Photo

Other than establishing the atmosphere and mood, lighting highlights certain aspects of a photo, whether it is the face of the subject or a particular object in the background or foreground. Highlighting certain parts may elicit a certain emotion or response from the viewer. This also allows the photographer to tell a story, the mix of light and dark in a picture may, and as the cliché goes, paint a thousand words.

Finding Balance

For a photo to come out the way you want it, it needs to find a balance. The photographer you hire can find this equilibrium for you; they can determine the right amount of light and shadows to put in the pictures. This adds texture, emotions, and establishes the mood you want.

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Don’t underestimate what light can do for your photos. If your photographer tells you that something is better with a specific lighting, don’t always question them and just follow. They’re the experts after all.