Empty auditorium with all lights onWhether it’s for a school or an entertainment venue, auditoriums need to meet certain specifications when it comes to function, comfort, and design. When properly combined together, these elements ensure maximum possible viewing from all corners.

One of the most important components of such a venue is auditorium theater seating.

Core elements of auditorium seating

Whether building a new auditorium or renovating an existing one, the right choice in seating means meeting function, comfort, and design standards. Forget one of these elements, and problems revolving around ergonomics, space utilization, legroom sufficiency, as well as health and safety, may arise.

As such, you need to choose seats based on the space available, the maximum number of people the auditorium can comfortably accommodate, the location and arrangement of the seats from the entry and exit ways, and the materials used in manufacturing the seats.

Ergonomics: A key role in ensuring maximum viewer experience

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of auditorium seating is ergonomics. In the hopes of packing as many seats as possible in the venue, many schools and building owners often disregard the importance of comfort. However, ergonomics is just as important, as it helps boost the experience of everyone who will use the space.

An ergonomic chair, in an office setting, provides high level of support for various parts of the body, particularly those that carry the weight of a seated person. While not everything applies to auditorium seats, you should still choose seating with sufficient backrest, seat depth, stability, and height range.

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Seats that last even with regular use

As a final reminder, choose seating products designed for regular use. Remember that hundreds or even thousands of people will sit down on them, so you need to invest in long-lasting products, without sacrificing the aforementioned elements.

The experience of spectators depends greatly on how comfortable your auditorium seating is. Work with a company that supplies high quality seats at reasonable prices to get the best value for your money.