Woman under a water damaged wallFlooding can leave considerable damage in its wake. One of the many consequences of flooding is mold buildup, owing to high humidity levels in the air and prolonged exposure of structural components to water.

When it’s safe to start cleaning up and restoring your home’s condition, beating mold should be a priority, says Dr. H. James Wedner of the Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Along with mold, bacteria will also grow and pose health risks to people with allergies and asthma.

Restore safety and comfort in your home by following these tips.

Dry Out Your Home

Puddles of water and damp materials create mold growth. Check your walls, flooring, furniture, or any wet surface and make sure they are completely dry. While cleaning up, keep your entire house well-ventilated to speed up the process. If your carpets and rugs have been underwater for a long time, you may want to consider tossing them out. If they are worth saving, allow them to dry in a room with sufficient ventilation, or hire professional carpet cleaning services for immediate remediation.

Inspect Your Roof and Basement

A period of torrential rains and flooding can cause serious structural damage. Inspect your whole property, and every nook and cranny, especially the roof, attic, and basement. Watch out for leaks, burst pipes, and any sign of water damage or mold. Check if air is circulating properly in these rooms, as mold feed on stagnant, moist air. Use your fans to help get the air moving.

Hire Professional Services

Dry out your home after recent damage from flood, before mold gets the upper hand. If the situation is harder to control, say the power is out and you can’t clean up properly, it’s better to hire water damage restoration contractors, as they have the equipment and know-how to remove water quickly.

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When dealing with a damp environment and mold, it’s a race against time. Act quickly so that your family remains healthy and safe as you work toward restoring your home.