Office supplies on a deskWhether you are a big enterprise or a small business in Australia, customised stationery (envelopes, notepads or desk pads) are a must-have for your company. They don’t only give your business a professional appearance. They also help in building your brand. Lastly, they also offer good advertising for your business to potential customers. An impressive design ensures you get the best out of your personalised stationery. That said, below are a few tips for creating the best design for your stationery.

Remember What You Need to Include

You need to have your logo, letterhead design, company logo and contact details on your stationery. You should have any information you want to include narrowed to details before printing. It will ensure your stationery does not look cluttered with too much information. That is not functional. Ensure your branding strategy is also included in your stationery’s design as this will help the client in recognising your brand.

Pay Attention to the Fonts

Choosing fonts with the right colour, shape, and size is essential. Make sure the fonts can be easily read and are not complicated. The fonts should relay information clearly and quickly to the client. It is also wise to keep the number of fonts to a maximum of three.

Quality of the Paper

High-quality paper for your office stationery makes your business seem more professional. Settle for a thick glossy high quality as opposed to standard photocopier papers. It may seem trivial, but the quality of paper communicates professionalism and formality to a potential customer.

You should remember to keep it simple. Avoid distracting your clients from significant information. As already mentioned, this includes your contact details and company logo. Ensure your customised stationery is consistent and that they all belong to one company. Invest in a reputable printing supplier to ensure quality.

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