Day Care CenterThe high cost of hiring a nanny has made daycares more popular these days. Aside from cost, daycare comes with many perks. Daycares provide a great environment for children to interact and develop social skills. Further, most parents feel safer leaving their children at daycare centres as compared to leaving them at home with a nanny. Opening a daycare is a great business if you love spending your time with kids. This is a quick guide of how to open one.


When opening a daycare centre, you can’t cut corners. You will need a license for operation from the department of children and family services. To obtain a license, some things you will need include an unblemished driving record, a current CPR certification and other documents that can demonstrate your commitment to children.


Equipment at daycare centres should be safe and child accessible. When buying furniture, buy the correct size for different ages. You may need cots for toddlers from Play’n’Lean in the daycare if you take children below two years. For those over two years, small sized beds will do. You could also have nap mats and rugs for the much older children. Your choice of toys and artistic supplies must also reflect the different ages in your daycare.


Depending on the services you plan to offer, you might need some appliances. For example, if you intend to serve food, you’ll need cups and plate. Other appliances you may need include a refrigerator, microwave, stove, dishwasher, and dryer.


The perfect place for a daycare centre is one that is easily accessible, has ample indoor and outdoor space, close to area schools and one with a parking lot. Most states to allow daycare centres to run out of home or in a commercial rental. In-home daycares have more restrictions as compared to those in commercial locations. If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can start from home and move to a commercial location later.

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Just as with any other business, licensing, location, equipment and appliances are not enough. You will also need to draft a solid business plan with a very elaborate marketing plan.