Wooden casket made of Cherry in a funeral homeThe passing of a loved one is truly a heartbreaking experience. Aside from the grief, you should also plan for the funeral and choose the right casket. Some people who prepare for their departure have their funeral planned out; some had to choose on behalf of their loved ones.

Whether you are choosing for yourself or your family, it is important to choose the right casket. Funeral homes and casket retailers in Clearfield such as Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries can offer you a variety of choices.

To help make the task of choosing a lot easier, here are things you should consider when selecting a casket.


Gone are the days of wooden coffins. Now, people can choose from a variety of casket materials like wood, fiberglass, and metal ones. For people who have the budget and design, customized caskets is a growing trend.

They commonly adorn caskets with artistic designs regardless of the materials chosen.


Different people come in different size. Fortunately, caskets come in different sizes to ensure that the body of the deceased will lie with dignity even to the last moment. You can easily find and request caskets for adults, infants, and children.

In the recent years, caskets for oversized people are also growing in trend and is easily accessible.


Aside from storing the body of the deceased, one should also consider where the casket goes after the ceremony. Will the body be buried? Or will it be cremated?

Burial caskets are made of strong materials that will last for years, while caskets meant for burning are usually of combustible materials for easier burning. Thus, it is important to identify the purpose early on.

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Do not forget to consider your budget. Different sources of caskets have different prices. Find ones that fit your budget and stick to it. Do not forget to check online as well. More often than not, they also have good quality caskets for a very affordable price.

Choose your caskets wisely and honor your loved ones until their very last moment on earth.