Bandaged arm of a manThe hands of any person may seem less important than their vital organs, but when you think about it, the livelihood of millions of people rests upon the condition of hands. When hands become injured, the hurt can impede upon work. Suspended work, in turn, can lead to reduced earnings.

Business Impact

The individual worker obviously suffers from reduced earnings, yet businesses also lose revenue. An industry news report indicates that a large part of Australian businesses lacks an awareness of how much hand injuries cost them revenue and resources. Those organisations who did track medical treatment injuries and lost time injuries found hand injuries to be the most common.

Psychological Impact

Of course, the physical and financial impact of hand injuries may be the most apparent for workers, but hand injuries can also affect their psychological health. Severe damage to the hand can result in depression. It may seem ridiculous, but work-related injuries actually cause many workers to develop major depressive disorders.

Improve Safety Performance

With these consequences in mind, you can regard hand protection then as extremely important. Businesses, especially those that work with dangerous tools and construction, can improve their safety performance. It may be difficult, especially when facing limited resources, management cost-cutting, and project time constraints, but better education about the costs of hand injuries may be the key to improvement.

Wear Protection

As for individual workers, you can ensure that your hands are safe from injury by wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Your protective equipment must include safety gloves that can keep your hand safe even if cutting or crushing incidents occur. Maxisafe and other experts say that you can easily purchase hand protection products for use in your field of work.

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Safe Usage and Handling

Besides hand protection, you can also simply be more careful when you use dangerous machines or power tools. You can make sure the safety failsafe always work. Handle the tools and machinery properly as well to prevent any accidents.

Hands serve as an integral element in many industries. Hand protection will do you well and the company you belong to also.