Recruiter talking to the applicantAre you looking for a job? According to a recent statistics for unemployment, there are 1.49M jobless people in the UK. Finding the right job is not that easy, however, with the right individuals leading you throughout your job hunting can be of great help to getting the right position in the right organisation.

One of the best things to do is to look for a recruitment agency in London to guide you through. Do you know what a recruitment agency is and how it works? Here is some helpful information about staffing agencies to help you with your first few steps:

How does it work?

At first, an organisation will contact them to advise them of manpower needs. The agency will check on their existing database to find candidates that match the requirement of the client or they will source for new applicants with the matching skills by posting online. If you are part of the shortlisted candidates, you will be sent to the client for interview and approval.

How to join?

Some recruitment agencies will ask you to report to the office to sign some paper works, but it is recommended to call them first and ask for an appointment. You have to remember that some agencies don’t have a conventional shop front. On the other hand, if you have submitted your Curriculum Vita√® (CV) through their online database, the agency will contact you if a relevant job is available.

How to apply for a job via an agency?

The recruitment specialist is the middle person between the applicant and the employer. So, they will send your CV to them and set an interview for you. Once your application was accepted, they will also help you prepare for the interview and other important details for you to successfully get the job.

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Finally, it is essential to find the right recruitment firm for you to start your journey for the realisation of your dream job.