Oil company engineersWhen it comes to protecting key oil and gas sites, choosing a reliable and dependable security service is essential. J&G Security provides a simple guide to picking the right one for the job.

With an investment as major as oil and gas installations, it’s important to invest in great security. That will go a long way towards making sure that nothing untoward happens on-site. Here is an effective guide to picking the best oil and gas security companies for your investments.

1. Leadership

It’s critical that the security company that you hire has a strong vertical hierarchy. This is especially true for larger sites that employ vast teams of security personnel. Strong leadership ensures strong coordination and a clear course of action.

2. Expertise

You should also look into what a security company is most experienced in securing. Protecting a huge installation covering an extensive complex is a very different thing from protecting a single building. You want to be sure the company can do so.

3. Resources

Even with the right expertise, being short staffed and not having the right tools to enforce security won’t do you much good. Your security company should employ different tools and technologies that could help improve security.

4. Infrastructure

The best oil and gas security companies have the necessary infrastructure to coordinate a team on the ground effectively. While this will be more prominent in emergencies, even the smooth flow of day to day operations depends on it.

5. Reputation

Your prospective security firm should have a good reputation in the industry. You should take time to ask around and find out what kind of job the security company has done in the past.

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6. Integrity

This refers to the professionalism of a security company. This can be seen in the strictness of their hiring process and the implementation of their internal codes of conduct. When a security company ensures it’s always at top operating proficiency, you can expect that they’ll do the same for you.

A licensed and insured firm that has years of experience in the gas and oil field security operations in Texas and Louisiana can help you set up security features and for your sites.