man preparing coffeeMany would agree that mornings are best spent with a good cup of coffee. And as all coffee lovers do, you want to find a way of brewing a cup that suits your taste. Here are some of the most known methods of brewing coffee and the kind of coffee you can produce with them.

Drip coffee/Filter coffee

Drip coffee is a popular method in the USA. It can be done manually or with a coffee machine. The method involves putting coffee beans in a paper filter or a plastic or metal mesh and pouring hot water over it. This method produces clean and clear coffee and can be used to make different coffee beans.

Plunger/French Press

Using the plunger or the French press is the most common method in Australian homes. This is one of the easier manual techniques as it simply involves putting coffee grinds and hot water in the device, leaving it to brew for a couple of minutes and pressing down on the plunger to filter the grinds. It produces coffee that is rich in flavour and aroma, and the press can also be used for brewing tea.

Espresso Machine

This method involves compacting ground coffee in a port filter and pushing hot water through it. This produces the strong and concentrated coffee espresso which can then be modified to create other types of coffee.

There are many kinds of espresso machines. The two main types are the manual machines and the automatic machines. Espresso systems provider Krema recommends the manual machines for those who want full control over their coffee making process. The automatic ones, on the other hand, are great for those who want consistent results yet do not have the time or know-how to produce great coffee every time.

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When you try these different methods, don’t just try them once. Experiment with the method and do some tweaking. Also, make sure to find good beans and store them properly.

Your daily cup is a personal experience. You do not have to listen to coffee aficionados on which method makes the best coffee. You simply need to find the way that makes the cup that’s right for you.