The monitor on a desk at modern officeWork might get too hectic that you sometimes forget to organise your work desk. This leads to—you guessed it—clutter and more clutter. If you’re looking to be more productive and less stressed at work, then it’s probably time that you organise your desk.

Here are some top tips to easily and efficiently do it.

Get rid of all the stuff on your desk

Okay, not all your stuff, like your desktop computer and/or printer as well as other heavy stuff, but those that clutter up when not put in their proper place such as papers, pens, pencils, picture frames, etc. Start from scratch so that your desk is a blank canvas.

Make lists

After clearing up your desk, do an inventory of your office items and categorise them: to keep, to transfer, and to dispose. Next, place all the things you need to keep in a separate pile, throw everything that you don’t need, and put all the ‘to transfer’ items in another pile.

Start reorganizing

Now that you have sorted everything out, now’s the time to arrange them. Make sure to keep all the things such as pens, post-it note, pencils, notebooks, staplers, and other you frequently use easily accessible. Place them in organisers or even a mug so that they won’t get lost and clutter your desk.

Use your desk drawers

Yes, those rectangular things under your office desk. They can efficiently hold papers, portable devices and tons of other things. They’re also the perfect place to store office items that you don’t regularly use.

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Consider an ergonomically designed office desk

There are plenty of benefits to working on a proper office desk height, says a top office desk and furniture maker from Christchurch like Bishop Interiors. It reduces stress and the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, which in turn reduces days off from work. It also helps you stay more focused, which in turn results in increased productivity.

See? Organising your office desk isn’t so hard. You just have to put your mind to it and follow through. Do note however that staying organised would require regular reassessments and upkeep, so make certain to review what’s on top of your desk at least once a week to ensure that your office desk remains clutter-free for as long possible.