Woman turning the air conditioner onAs amusing as it sounds, office air conditioning conflicts are a grave problem. It will begin as a sneaky, playful adjustment of temperature before turning into a full-blown battle. Besides not being able to work productively in cold temperatures, it also ruins the harmony between your staff.

Regularly calling in a building maintenance company here in the UK will help extend your AC’s lifespan; now is the time to stretch your employees’ patience, too.

Here are some tips to resolve temperature tug of wars.

Recognise the Temperature Differences between Genders

More often than not, you will notice that women whine that they are too cold, while men mumble that they feel too hot. The reason behind this is simple – each gender is diverse. For one, men have more body mass than their counterpart, which makes them more cold resistant.

In the workplace, men have to wear jackets, vests, covered shoes and long pants. Meanwhile, women wear lighter materials, skirts and open shoes.

To add insult to injury, research reveals that women are more vulnerable to hyperthermia and frostbite compared to men. Thus, they feel the cold temperature more on their toes and fingers primarily caused by hormones. By knowing their differences, you can help resolve the endless air con disagreements.

Adjust Work Areas

A reason why there are a few who feel way too cold while most of them are comfortable might be due to their desk location. If that person endlessly complains about the temperature, then move their workspace far from the air conditioning system. Take this opportunity to ask those who would like a colder work area and would be willing to take their colleagues’ old space.

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Uncomfortable temperature upsets productivity and all you want is to make your employees happy and productive. Take some time to resolve this issue to bring back a harmonious and comfortable work environment.