Girl writing and using laptopBloggers all over the world have been wondering how they can earn from what they do. You don’t want to be writing with no readers. Surprisingly, the number of bloggers who are yet to embrace email marketing is huge, despite it being a powerful tool that encourages engagement and nurtures leads.

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is still growing. In fact, experts predict that there will be more than three billion email users worldwide by 2020. Read on to find out why you should use email marketing services.

It targets your audience

People will find you via social media search or referrals. Email marketing maintains an open channel that you can use to communicate with your target audience. You can reach them anytime you want without bugging them multiple links. You are also able to see who has subscribed, so you can target them in your campaigns.

It enables timeliness

Email stays around and easily accessible for longer, unlike social media posts. An email can sit in the inbox up to the time you have a minute to spare. This is the same for your audience. As long as they receive your email, they can read it when they have time and respond appropriately.

You can track and test your results

Companies that provide email marketing services know how to prove their worth. They can test for open rates or click-through rates. They can even help you track conversion and sales coming from your newsletter. This is perhaps, the most compelling reason to adopt email marketing.

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The whole point of blogging is that you have something important and useful to share with your audience. You want to be heard. Email marketing ensures that you have the eyes and ears of your readers or subscribers.