Businessman checking analyticsAs a business, integrate an efficient process that will handle and update your donors in your database. This will guarantee that it will align directly with your fundraising and marketing success.

Your potential supporters and present constituents are the foundations of your company’s success. You will communicate with them on social media, email or in person – and this is why it is essential to employ a leading data cleansing solutions company like INEO.

Here are more reasons to cleanse your data:

It develops the rates for email deliverability.

Nobody likes receiving spam on their work emails. When you are sending messages to email addresses that are inactive, keep in mind that you are reducing the online credibility of your company.

You might not be aware of it, but you will be spamming individuals that are not active anymore. Your aim is to have email campaigns with the highest rates of deliverability. This way, you will reach active emails and comply with spam laws.

Begin by removing communications from a year and a half ago to maintain an updated email list and to keep a high deliverability. Only permit a small team to have the freedom to either delete or edit information and fields.

On the other hand, let the rest of your employees have the capacity to see the data anytime. You can even form administrative parts in nearly any donor database to prevent data loss and massive errors.

It helps you communicate better with people on social media.

Companies can gather information of their donors on social media, such as their Twitter handles to have the ability to engage with them online. You can just thank them or invite them to an event, and it will make them feel special. This means they would be more likely to spread the word about you on their personal social media accounts, which will draw new constituents to your business.

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It does not matter if you are a new marketer that wants to communicate with your past donors, your database is the heart of your business. This is the main reason why you should maintain it and properly take care of it.