Weather phenomena like hurricanes are highly dangerous, particularly if you don’t take the time to prepare. Preparation increases your chances of staying away from risks even when weather disturbances strike.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a hurricane.

Stay Tuned to Local Radio and TV​

Monitor the progress of a hurricane by listening to or watching weather reports. Government directives such as evacuation are also usually broadcast on several media. Encourage your family to stay updated, as well.

Stock Up on Batteries All Year​

It can be hard to find batteries for your flashlights and portable radio if a hurricane is already approaching and people are panic-buying. To avoid this, stock up on batteries you need all year. You can order a battery for emergency lights early, as well. Emergency lights allow you to move immediately if there’s a power outage at night, so you don’t have to fumble in the dark for a flashlight.

Always Have an Emergency Pack Ready​

Buy a couple of waterproof backpacks and use them as emergency packs. When hurricane season draws near, put everything you need to survive for several days in your emergency packs. Some of the items you need are canned food, blankets, batteries, flashlights, small battery-operated radio, bottled water, several Bic lighters, a first-aid kit, a physical map, an extra cell phone with a long-life battery, charger, poncho or raincoat, paracord, and duct tape.

Keep Your Car in Condition​

A properly maintained car is a car you can trust to function at all times, especially when you have to make a quick getaway. Don’t neglect your car’s maintenance. That may spell the difference between quickly getting to safety or being stuck in the middle of the road. Keep a bag of snowmelt in the trunk, your basic tools, an extra flashlight, extra blankets, and an extra first-aid kit. Don’t keep bottled water in your car; freezing temperatures can cause it to burst.

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Be Organized​

This is perhaps the most important part: organizing your family, so every person knows what to do in case of an emergency. You can even organize with some of your neighbors so you can help each other in times of need. Set a rendezvous point in a safe, high place, in case some of you get separated.

Being prepared is important if you are to survive a natural phenomenon such as a hurricane and flooding. Make sure everything you need is ready to grab at a moment’s notice. Don’t wait until there’s a panic before making preparations.