Office buildingDid you know that establishments’ restrooms affect customer experience? Your customers will notice the condition of your bathrooms and share the information with whomever. Similarly, in an office setup, restrooms influence employee morale. Here are five ways the bathroom can impact on the retail experience.

A clean restroom projects a clean image

People equate the condition of a company’s bathroom with the state of the entire business. For instance, if your customers visit your restaurant’s restroom, most of them will assume that your kitchen is in a similar condition. Would you return to a food chain that has a dirty bathroom? Three out of ten Americans won’t.

A clean restroom helps develop customer trust

Maintaining clean bathrooms helps clients relax about the operations of a company. Conversely, patrons who find your bathrooms dirty are likely to develop negative impressions about the establishment. These buyers may start distrusting your business in other areas.

Dirty restrooms increase complaints

Because of smartphones, social media and online reviews, dirty bathrooms can quickly become news. Consequently, overall complaints against your company will increase. To ensure your bathrooms are always sparkling clean and smell fresh, you can engage a cleaning service company in Salt Lake City.

Clean restrooms help make good first impressions

First impressions are everything in business. Potential clients who use your toilets before they do business with you may form lasting impressions of your company based on what they find in there. Get things right the first time, and these customers are likely to come back again.

Clean restrooms can increase staff morale and reduce absenteeism

Clean bathrooms help prevent germs and illnesses from spreading around. Your employees will also be happy to know that their employer cares about their well-being. Additionally, it will prevent diseases caused by germs that can come from a dirty bathroom.

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Bathrooms are sometimes a place of comfort and a space where people can relieve themselves. If it is unclean and gross, people can consider it to be a reflection your company values and identity. Make sure your restrooms are always in tip-top shape for anyone who may use them.