Tenants renting out an apartmentAre you trying to fill vacancies in your property? It is tempting just to choose any applicant who is willing to sign the contract on day one and move in the next day. However, before you take the deposit and prepare the space, you’d want to screen potential tenants. The person you just leased the property to may cause you several headaches in the future.

Experts on residential property management in Utah cite the following indicators of a potentially terrible tenant.

Missing Information in the Application

Blanks on the application form are a red flag; why would someone leave certain parts of a form blank? He or she might not want you to know certain aspects of his or her background to omit specific information. He or she might have many evictions in the past, cannot keep up with payments, or had several quarrels with previous landlords.

Ask the applicant about the blanks, if they still fail to disclose exact information, it is about time to look for someone else and review other applications.

Applicants that Are in a Hurry

Some applicants might take advantage of your eagerness to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible. They may trick you into bypassing your screening process by offering to pay in cash and sometimes a couple of months in advance. This might present you with a short-term solution to your needs; however, the potential tenant may have problems such as poor finances after paying the advance and in cash, unresolved rent disputes with a previous landlord and others. Be vigilant about screening tenants to get the right one.

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Frequent Movers

Another red flag is the frequent mover; what are the reasons they move from city to city or apartment to apartment frequently? They may not be able to pay rent on time, cannot take care of the space leased to them or just don’t get along with their landlord.

These are some of the signs to look out for when screening tenants. Keep these in mind when reviewing applications to identify which ones to reject and the ones to approve.