A Group of Factory WorkersIn Australia, conducting checks on criminal history for possible or current employees is turning into a common exercise. In fact, most industries consider it an obligatory requirement and use it as a pre-emptive tactic included in their risk management approach. The advantages of conducting a QLD police check online include defending the reputation, people, and property of an establishment. It also helps in checking potential risks to the business and upholding a safe working environment.

As soon as an establishment decides to conduct a police check for a precise role after a thorough risk evaluation, they must follow the steps below:

Develop a policy for criminal history check.

Before you even begin implementing checks on your employees, you must have an acknowledged that a police check policy is in order. This will prevent misunderstandings and help likely candidates and current employees truly recognise the objective of your company.

Mention the mandatory police check on the job ad.

You must also state in your job advertisement that you will require a mandatory police check for budding employees. Also, mention that a criminal history does not automatically block candidates from applying. This permits honest and open communication in the early phases of the hiring process.

During the interview, openly explain the need for a police check.

While at the interview, remind the candidate about the required police check. Let them know that the role they are applying for needs their consent because of the risks included in the job. Explain that you have to assess any criminal record against the risks.

Guarantee the safety of your company and your employees by implementing police checks. These might seem like a waste of time now, but you will learn eventually that they were worth the effort.

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