Business staff interviewing a potential employeeAs an employer, you will want to hire only trustworthy candidates for your business to succeed. When allocating tasks, you want to reduce the possibility of anybody using you for their own gain.

Maintain your peace of mind by running Australian criminal record checks on your potential employees or confirm in their resume if they already undertook this.

Before conducting your first background check, here are some aspects to remember.

Record Exclusions

Based on the Commonwealth spent convictions scheme, convictions that occurred more than a decade ago will be taken off their record. This is even less for juvenile cases, which takes only five years before it they remove them. Nevertheless, this regulation is not applicable to every situation.

They can disregard the exclusions depending on the intent of the background check, particularly for more sensitive employment opportunities.

Informing Job Applicants

Keep in mind that you must get consent from the applicants to proceed running the police check. To prevent issues, it would be a good exercise to point out the requirement for criminal history checks on the advertisement.

Depending on the job position, do remind them that a criminal record does not mean you would not consider them for the position.

Managing Documents

The law mandates employers to manage police checked files carefully. They must destroy these after they decided on the employment status or six months later. For transparency, consider replacing the police check with a file indicating that you have run it and you have reached a decision.

You cannot always put your faith in someone that you do not know despite seeming trustworthy during the interview. Give your business the security it deserves by conducting background checks. It is a great tool for your human resources to assure that the candidates are honestly representing themselves.

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