outdoor tentHow many birthday parties have you planned for your friends so far? Countless, perhaps. Maybe you’ve run out of ideas for your own celebration. But don’t worry; as long as you remember the elements that matter, you can come up with a birthday party everyone will enjoy. Here are three important features to keep in mind.


Even in the middle of summer, isolated rain showers in Minneapolis (MN) may catch you by surprise. Snow may also be a problem even on a clear winter day. To keep the party going no matter the changes weather, get a tent rental for your outdoor party. This way, people can mingle outside of the tent when the skies are clear, but they’ll have somewhere to go once the clouds start to look ominous — and all without stopping the party.


It’s your party, so you’ll invite the people who matter to you. Some of them are long-time friends; others are colleagues. Your family will also be there. Many of them might not know each other, and it’s your job to keep them all entertained and engaged. Introduce them to one another using what they might have in common. Just mention something they both enjoy, and let the conversation flow smoothly. You don’t have to babysit any particular group, but pay attention to those who may not be having the best time.

Fun for Everyone

A birthday party is, at its core, supposed to be fun. Fill it with your favorite dishes and drinks that aren’t a chore to make, and leave some room for activities that will keep everyone on their toes. You don’t need to resort to parlor games if you’re entertaining an older crowd. You can, however, gather everyone to tell them a funny story that they will all hopefully relate to.

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It’s your birthday. You can do what you want. Eliminate the stress and let loose, and everyone else will follow.