Wedding paper cut-out decorWeddings are always exciting, but stressful at the same time. What’s more taxing than planning the whole thing, however, is fixing your budget. How can you have the wedding of your dreams without maxing out your savings? That’s simple. You rent instead.

There are many things you can rent to make the wedding of your dreams still come true without compromising on quality and fun. The list can go on, but below are five of the most common things you can rent on your wedding day.

1. Tents

Wedding rental tents are available in St. Paul, MN and other parts of the state. All you need to do is decide what type of tent you need for your big day and you are good to go. Research the specifications before renting to avoid future problems.

2. Tables and chairs

You might be tempted to buy 10 tables and 100 chairs to accommodate guests in your home backyard. But what happens after that? Will you use it again? Where will you store it? Is it going to be worth the purchase? If you can’t answer any of these questions, then it’s better to rent.

3. Dinnerware

Whether it’s a big or small wedding, renting dinnerware is a must. How would your guests eat without them? Ditch the thought of having disposable dinnerware. This is a formal event after all.

4. Lighting and sounds

Add some light and vibe to the atmosphere by renting lights and sounds. When doing so, a DJ is usually included so you need not worry about what the next song would be and where the spotlight is going to face.

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5. Centerpieces and decors

Step up your decorating game without having to bust your budget. Renting centerpieces and decors all over the venue is one of the most practical ways to complete your wedding celebration.

Have other things in mind you want to rent for your wedding? Ask around. Chances are there are companies that will rent them out to you. All the best for your big day.