Woman wearing a headphone smiling while looking backYour employees may do their tasks and beat deadlines, but this does not mean they’re always inspired by their job. If their tasks and workload are not much of problem, the working environment may be an issue for them. Studies suggest that office space may negatively affect productivity and even compromise employees’ health.

Dirty/Cluttered Office

An untidy working environment can contribute to stress. It can also make people exhausted, which can lead to lower job satisfaction and poor work quality. This makes it important to maintain cleanliness in the working space. Office cleaning companies in El Cajon note that this can improve the well-being of your staff and create a good impression when clients first visit your business.

Old and Slow Office Equipment

Your employees may seem to complete their task with old and outdated computers, but this can eat up most their time and result in compromised productivity. If you want to your staff members to perform their duties well, invest in new and updated tools. You should also provide them quality tables and chairs, or ergonomically designed furniture for better comfort.

Overhead or Excessive Lighting

While using an overly bright standard bulb or fluorescent may seem affordable, most employees don’t like it. This is especially for those with headaches and eyestrain. Moreover, keep in mind that office work may be demanding for the eye, particularly if it involves staring at a screen for a long time. Aim for some natural lighting or provide them with a desk lamp.

Open Floor Plan

An open plan may be common, but this doesn’t mean that employees like it. Studies note that it can promote noise distraction and negatively affect productivity. This is particularly applicable if the task at hand requires focus and complex verbal processes. You may want to rethink your office layout to give employees privacy and ample working space.

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If you care about your employees and their quality of work, invest in their health and satisfaction. It also pays to know what’s bothering them at work to have an idea on how you can make your office an ideal working environment.