Youtube accessed on a laptopPerhaps a decade ago, only big corporations could take advantage of video marketing. 30-second TV ads were all the rage, which, although effective, were outrageously expensive. Thanks to modern technology, however, a lot has changed now. Even small businesses have the opportunity to spread the word about their products and services without having to spend a fortune.

In particular, social media has become a powerful tool notes Courage Media, one of London’s most trusted video agencies. If you use it well for your video marketing campaigns, you get to expose your business to a wider market. In turn, you will attract more potential customers in the process.

Here are some reasons you should use videos in your marketing efforts:

1. Videos help you boost brand awareness

As compared with a social media text post, videos tend to have a better impact on audiences. They are easier to consume and have more room for creativity. You can convey more information about your business in a more enticing way.

2. Videos are easily shareable on social media

Moreover, videos can circulate quickly among social media users, especially if you make ones that stand out — whether it is emotional, informative, or hilarious. In certain cases, some video ads even go viral online.

3. Videos can improve your search engine ranking

Additionally, powerful videos can benefit your search engine ranking. Take note that Google often determines your value depending on whether you are providing visitors with relevant information. As such, video marketing can be a big deal, especially since next to Google, video-sharing site YouTube is also being heavily used by people as a search engine these days.

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Simply put, you are definitely missing out a lot if you are not using videos in your marketing efforts. So if you own a business, be sure to check out a competitive marketing video agency to help you out.