House under renovationThe last time you checked, your house needs some repairs. If you remember quite well, your friends have told you that Ogden residents could apply and get housing grants to repair their houses. Then you wonder, is it true? How possible is that? What will the financial service provider require of you? How long will it take to process the grant?

Now, there are many questions already running on your mind and it’s time you got the facts right. Wasatch Peaks Credit Union and other experts shed some light into that:

The Grants

First things first: What are these, and who issues them? If you got a financial aid and never had to refund, that was a grant. Typically, the federal government, your state, or a credit service provider can offer you this financial aid, but they have to base it on the particular needs for which you are applying.

Another factor that these financial institutions consider when offering grants is an individual’s financial status. It is, therefore, necessary to check on that first before you apply for any grant.

Who Qualifies?

With a focus on federal grants, both individuals and organizations can apply for these. The government has clear guidelines on the procedures to take as it defines in an authorizing legislation. You will find it useful that the government offers most of the federal grants to organizations.

In addition, the individuals who mostly get these financial aids are veterans with disabilities — mainly in the form of housing grants. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot be eligible for federal grants.

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This is why hiring the services of a full-service, financial service providers come into play. Check with your Ogden-based credit union to help you know more about grants.