A woman at a libraryTimes have changed, and your library has to be updated if it is to support the needs of today’s technology-focused learners.

That means it’s time to rethink your library’s design and adopt a more creative, high-quality, and flexible layout. Here are some ways you can update your school’s library.

1. Revamp the furniture

Library furniture for schools should not be just functional. They should also be comfortable. Moreover, the chairs and tables should complement the overall interior theme.

For chairs, you may opt to go ergonomic, while you can fit tables based on function. For instance, you could install larger tables where the aim is to support collaborative work.

2. Put flexibility first

Libraries can be useful for different teaching and learning styles. Sometimes, learners will want to study alone with their laptops. Other times, they might need to engage in collaborative work.

There might also be times when they need to move around with their chairs. By designing your library with flexibility in mind, you make it useful to your learners.

3. Make the space eco-friendly

Everyone’s going green in their building’s design. Why not adopt the same trend in your library? It’s a brilliant way to save more on energy bills and provide a healthier learning environment for your learners. For instance, you could use solar roof panels to power the library or fit retrofitted lights.

4. Stock books strategically

While many learners today use their laptops and smartphones to access a lot of the information they need for their studies, libraries continue to stock books.

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You need to be very thorough about the books you buy. In the next decade, print collection will drastically decline. As such, buy books you think will still be relevant for a long time.

Libraries still occupy an important place in today’s school system. To boost their relevance in the contemporary society, key stakeholders need to come up with ways to reinvigorate them.