plastic bagsDue to the worsening effects of global warming and climate change, people all over the world are doing as much as they can to help prevent the Earth’s further destruction. While materials that harm the environment, like plastic, cannot be banned entirely, there are ways to reduce their harmful effects on the environment. One of these is through recycling.

Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as UPVC, is a type of plastic material used in various products. Because it is plastic, it cannot be easily dumped in sites nor does it decompose. The only way to dispose of it is through UPVC recycling.


Most people are familiar with PVC or polyvinyl chloride, which is used in plastic chairs, tools and other materials for everyday use. PVC and UPVC are similar in some aspects, but one notable point of difference is the presence of bisphenol A (BPA) in PVC and its absence in UPVC. BPA is a poisonous substance that makes plastics impossible to recycle.

While PVC and UPVC are both plastics, both can easily be distinguished based on its colour. PVC is mostly in black while UPVC comes in white or grey. UPVC is mostly used in window and door frames as well as pipes.

The process

The recycling process starts by separating glass from the UPVC. The plastic is then crushed into smaller pieces and is thoroughly detected for any metal remnants. The presence of metal in the recycling method can cause problems in the process. Once crushed, the plastic is filtered for some dust, before being sorted by colour to be recycled into a new plastic.

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How can it help the environment?

Because plastic will practically never decompose, recycling plastics such as UPVC can help prevent further destruction of the environment due to the dumping of plastic waste both in land and in bodies of water. Recycling instead of producing new ones also reduces the waste brought about by the production of plastics itself.

Do you have UPVC at home? Bring it to the nearest recycling centre and do your share in making the world a cleaner and better place.